How to Draw Jake Sully from Avatar

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Jake Sully from Avatar

Jake Sully is a male avatar who born in 2126. He lives in Pandora & earth. By profession, he is clan leader.
How to Draw Jake Sully from Avatar
Step 1
Draw an oval & outline for the upper body.
Step 2
Draw two circles & outline for the arms.
Step 3
Draw outlines for legs & weapon.
Step 4
Draw outlines for eyes & nose.
Step 5
Draw outline for eye brows & lips.
Step 6
Draw outline for face, neck & ear.
Step 7
Draw outline for hairs.
Step 8
Draw outline for the side body.
Step 9
Draw arms, hands & fingers.
Step 10
Draw clothing for the hips.
Step 11
Draw legs, feet & fingers.
Step 12
Draw the weapon.
Step 13
Draw the tale.
Step 14
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 15
Draw hairs across the body.
Step 16
Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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