How to Draw King Throktar from Dave the Barbarian

King Throktar from Dave the Barbarian is the famous character. Throktar is the king of an animated cartoon movie. This cartoon movie has got fame because of its characters. lets learn how to draw the king diagram easily.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a circle and an oval for the face and body.

Step #2

Move on to outline for arms, hands & shoulders.

Step #3

Make legs & feet.

Step #4

Move on to draw eyes.

Step #5

Draw moustache, nose & eye brows.

Step #6

Sketch beard, ear and hairs.

Step #7

Draw T-shirt.

Step #8

Move onto darw left hand.

Step #9

Draw right hand.

Step #10

Draw belt, legs and lower body dressings.

Step #11

Make crown, bangles and enhance hands.

Step #12

Draw wrists, fingers and socks.

Step #13

Enhance hair, dressings and shoes.

Step #14

Finally make, necessary improvements to finish.

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