How to Draw Maximus from Tangled

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Maximus from Tangled

Maximus is a supporting character in the series and he is a white large horse with blonde mane and tail, and a brown eyes.
How to Draw Maximus from Tangled
Step 1
Draw three ovals for the base of his body.
Step 2
Draw the outline for his face.
Step 3
Draw the neckline.
Step 4
Draw the other base for his body.
Step 5
Draw the eyes, nose and mouth.
Step 6
Draw the outline for all legs and feet.
Step 7
Draw the frontal legs and feet.
Step 8
Draw the legs in back and feet.
Step 9
Draw the other important details.
Step 10
Draw the tail.
Step 11
Draw the costume and other necessary details.
Step 12
Draw the other important details on the face.
Step 13
Draw the other smaller details as shown.
Step 14
Draw the feet, ears, nose and mouth.
Step 15
Complete the drawing with necessary finer details and finishing touch.

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