How to Draw Flynn Rider from Tangled

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Flynn Rider from Tangled

Flynn Rider is the deuteragonist of the series - he never knew his parents and spent all of his time with his fellow orphans in the orphanage. He often appears to be as self- centered, mean and more focused about money.
How to Draw Flynn Rider from Tangled
Step 1
Draw the base for his upper body and face.
Step 2
Draw the outline for the hands and legs.
Step 3
Draw the face cut.
Step 4
Draw the eyes, nose and lips.
Step 5
Draw the upper body clothing.
Step 6
Draw the lower body clothing.
Step 7
Draw the other side of the pants.
Step 8
Draw his hair.
Step 9
Draw the arms and hands.
Step 10
Draw the legs and footwear.
Step 11
Draw footwear on the other leg.
Step 12
Draw the other little enhancements.
Step 13
Draw the accessories and enhance the shoes.
Step 14
Complete the drawing and add the necessary finishing touch.

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