How to Draw Nemo from Finding Nemo

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Nemo from Finding Nemo

Nemo is the lead character in the movie Finding Nemo. Nemo is a very energetic clown fish who is handicapped and had has lost his mother on the day of his birth. He is also very friendly with anyone he meets. Eventually Nemo gets separated from his father due to certain circumstances.
How to Draw Nemo from Finding Nemo
Step 1
Draw the base for the body with two circles and one triangle.
Step 2
Draw the outline of the head and the fins.
Step 3
Draw the eyes.
Step 4
Draw the outline for the face and the lips.
Step 5
Draw the base for the tail.
Step 6
Draw the other details as shown.
Step 7
Draw the Scales on the body.
Step 8
Draw lines on the fins and tail as shown.
Step 9
Accentuate the other minute details as shown.
Step 10
Draw the other finer details as shown.
Step 11
Complete the drawing and the necessary finishing touch.

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