How to Draw Nico from Rio

Nico is a small and slender yellow canary bird who is very much like Pedro - friendly, nice, social butterfly and very much outgoing. He is a lot like a yellow ball of energy who lives for music.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base of his body.

Step #2

Draw the outline for his feet.

Step #3

Draw the outline for eyes and beak

Step #4

Draw the face.

Step #5

Draw the lower body.

Step #6

Draw the feet with fingers.

Step #7

Draw the outline for wings.

Step #8

Enhance the wings as shown.

Step #9

Draw the other necessary accessories and feathers wherever needed.

Step #10

Draw the other little enhancements with required detailing.

Step #11

Complete the drawing and add the necessary finishing touch.

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