How to Draw Pete aka Peg Leg Pete

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Pete aka Peg Leg Pete

Pete who is also known as aka Peg Leg Pete is essentially a Villainous Cat in the series and he is very much an antagonist to other positive characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and others.
How to Draw Pete aka Peg Leg Pete
Step 1
Draw a massive oval and other 5 small ovals for legs, feet and the face
Step 2
Draw the lines and join the smaller circles to the big one
Step 3
Draw the eyes and eyebrows as shown
Step 4
Draw the outline of the face and the mouth too
Step 5
Join the arms and make the upper body
Step 6
Draw the lower body and other details
Step 7
Draw the hands and fingers along with the footwear
Step 8
Draw the other details on the upper body as shown
Step 9
Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch

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