How to Draw Rafiki from The Lion King

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Rafiki from The Lion King

Rafiki is actually a baboon who serves as a shamon of The Lion King. He is tall and thinly built - he has wisdom and hence he is a royal advisor to the Lion King and family.
How to Draw Rafiki from The Lion King
Step 1
Draw the base for the body and a circle for the face.
Step 2
Draw the five uneven ovals for the hands and the legs.
Step 3
Draw the four uneven circles for the enhancement.
Step 4
Draw the outline for the face.
Step 5
Draw and enhance the facial elements, like nose, eyes and mouth.
Step 6
Draw the other necessary elements as shown.
Step 7
Draw the arms.
Step 8
Draw the complete body and enhance it.
Step 9
Draw the hands and fingers with the support stick.
Step 10
Draw the feet with fingers.
Step 11
Draw the other small details in the drawing.
Step 12
Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch.

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