How to Draw Steam Locomotive

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Steam Locomotive

Steam Locomotive is a railway locomotive. It runs over various burning combustible materials such as coke, wood or oil. In this tutorial, we will draw Steam Locomotive.
How to Draw Steam Locomotive
Step 1
Start the work by drawing a circle & various rectangle like shapes as shown.
Step 2
Draw six ovals & five rectangles.
Step 3
Make a circle with so many circles within it.
Step 4
Make vertical flat rectangles as shown.
Step 5
Draw various pipings and gears shape as shown.
Step 6
Make chimney shapes as shown.
Step 7
Draw driver's compartment shape as shown.
Step 8
Make two wheels and pulley shape as shown.
Step 9
Draw backside portion and wheels shape as shown.
Step 10
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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