How to Draw Tarzan

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Tarzan

Tarzan is a fictional character of a story that tells about a Feral Child raised in African jungles and people largely relate it to the Heroic events he has done.
How to Draw Tarzan
Step 1
Begin with an oval, a square and a large circle
Step 2
Draw the four ovals and two hand like figure for the base of the body
Step 3
Now make the other ovals and circles for the other basic body
Step 4
Draw the outline for the face as shown
Step 5
Now draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth
Step 6
Now draw and completely enhance the upper body.
Step 7
Draw the lower body and enhance it
Step 8
Draw the hands and fingers
Step 9
Draw the feet, fingers and the nails on it
Step 10
Draw the hair as shown
Step 11
Now enhance the figure with clothing on it
Step 12
Complete the drawing by adding the required finishing touch

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