How to Draw a Blackbuck

In 11 Easy and Quick Steps, here is How to Draw a Blackbuck!

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Step #1

Begin with drawing three circles, a small and two medium ones.

Step #2

Now make the facial enhancements and outline.

Step #3

Enhance the face with ears, mouth and more.

Step #4

Now join them all and make the outline for the body.

Step #5

Make the outline for the legs and the feet.

Step #6

Join them and make the first pair of legs and feet.

Step #7

Now make the outline for the other pair of legs and feet and more.

Step #8

Join the legs and feet.

Step #9

Make the really long thorns.

Step #10

Make the further enhancements on the body.

Step #11

Complete the figure by drawing further details and adding the finishing touch.

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