How to Draw Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars

Admiral Ackbar character, who was a veteran commander, was created in 1983 for the Star War film created by Richard Marquand. In clone wars, he performed a leading role for defending his home land Mon Cala.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw three circles connecting each other. Add two vertical lines at the bottom.

Step #2

Draw outline for the hand and feet.

Step #3

Draw outline for the head and draw lips.

Step #4

Draw upper body dress.

Step #5

Draw lower body dress.

Step #6

Draw arms up to elbow.

Step #7

Draw belt over waist.

Step #8

Enhance outline of the arms and draw hands.

Step #9

Draw ears and shoes.

Step #10

Enhance face with lines and upper part as shown.

Step #11

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