How to Draw Jaggu from Chhota Bheem

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Jaggu from Chhota Bheem

Jaggu as we can see is a monkey in the series and he is a talking monkey. He often finds his own way of solving problems using tricks from his amazing sense of humor.
How to Draw Jaggu from Chhota Bheem
Step 1
Draw two circles - a small and a large one and a base for the body along with two ovals for the feet
Step 2
Draw the other base for the body and other details as shown
Step 3
Draw the base for the face and enhance it
Step 4
Enhance the face even more and add the complete details
Step 5
Join the other body parts as shown
Step 6
Draw the lower body parts
Step 7
Draw the hands and the feet
Step 8
Draw the other enhancements as shown
Step 9
Add the finer details with the finishing touch

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