How to Draw The Convert-a-Car from Wacky Races

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw The Convert-a-Car from Wacky Races

Convert-a-Car is a awesome automobile of Professor Pat from Wacky Races. In this tutorial, we will draw Convert-a-Car from Wacky Races.
How to Draw The Convert-a-Car from Wacky Races
Step 1
First start the tutorial by drawing rectangle & two circles for wheels.
Step 2
Draw an oval, triangle & three lines.
Step 3
Make base as shown.
Step 4
Make lines over the base as shown.
Step 5
Draw door and guard shape as shown.
Step 6
Draw a line, bell shape and shape for the back side as shown.
Step 7
Make missile like shape as shown. Also draw umbrella like shape.
Step 8
Make fan blade and plane like shape shape as shown.
Step 9
Draw various rods and small equipments as shown.
Step 10
Make tyres & three small ovals as shown.
Step 11
Draw umbrella and small equipments for shade as shown.
Step 12
Draw four ovals & 3 shape inside a circle shape as shown.
Step 13
Make hands, fingers & arms.
Step 14
Make face & hairs.
Step 15
Sketch little portions as shown in the drawing.
Step 16
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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